Social Media Community Management

Build, launch and conduct community management of social media profiles suitable to your business. Included are:

Facebook Profile & Fan Page
Twitter Profile
YouTube Branded Channel
LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn Company Page
Google+ Profile
Pinterest Profile

Social Media Advertising

Creation of keyword lists, category targeting, ads and campaign structure on Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ll handle the launch, and daily maintenance of campaigns going forward. We’ve had tremendous success at garnering engagement from Facebook and LinkedIn users through advertising at a relatively low budget, and therefore high return.

Content Generation

At Big Fish, we pride ourselves on the content we deliver to our clients. We have a knack for copywriting, research, photography, videography, editing and more. We handle ideation, creation and execution of content to adopt your brand identity, speak to your audience and drive engagement.


Seeding across social media and the blogosphere involves determining, for instance, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn Groups, and blogs and forums that relate to our client’s content, and posting that content to these properties. The key is to find the right site, adapt the message, and never be too self-promotional.


Blogger Outreach: Research and compilation of a list of appropriate, high-visibility blogs, forums and other applicable sites to reach out to. The outreach script is always approved by our clients before we start. The goal is to forge and sustain strong, trusted relationship with bloggers to drive them to mention our clients’ brands and/or write posts featuring them. We also want bloggers to link to our online properties via their blogs/websites to garner visibility, and increase SEO quality score to rank higher in the search engine listings.

Commenting: Utilize our list of blogs to comment on relevant content. We’ll utilize these comments to promote across our social media, email campaigns, and other appropriate sites.

Blogging: Big Fish can research, write and launch blog posts for your blog.

Email Marketing

Ideation, creation and launch utilizing email sites like Constant Contact or Mailchimp to keep your brand “top of mind” to your network, provide refreshing and engaging content, and promote social media and online presence to drive eyes to our profiles.

Search Marketing

SEO: Analysis of current website and recommendations to ensure your site is SEO-optimized so that the search engines will rank you higher in organic search listings.

Paid Search Advertising
: Build and manage paid search campaign across top-performing search engines, including keyword generation, ad creation, launch, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your ads are generating relevant traffic to your website and converting users.

Website & Blog

As a byproduct of Big Fish’s work, we’re constantly looking at your website and/or blog, and will make recommendations on content, organization and more. Need a web designer? We can recommend one of our sister agencies.

Online Presence

Think outside of the box to forge relationships with other online properties, applicable to your brand, to increase your visibility. Launch a profile on TripAdvisor for a touring agency, or run promotions on daily-deal sites like Groupon. Search out potential investors on LinkedIn for a non-profit. Engage with Ad Age for a marketing agency. You get the point..

Contacts Database & Market Research

Create and maintain a systematized database of contacts via our work across all disciplines, including social media, the blogosphere, etc. The goal? To provide our clients with a whole new set of contacts to utilize, both online and offline.


Utilizing social media, website, email marketing platform analytics (and just plain quantitative skills!), we analyze the buzz around your brand, utilize findings to provide you with learnings on how people are talking about you. Ongoing reporting is available depending upon the scope of the campaign.

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